on the road with

I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’m back now. It’s hard to believe I’ve been across America and back, seen mountains, oceans, rivers, and all within two and a half months. Gosh, has it really been that long? Feels like two and a half weeks. I suppose that’s because that was the total time I had off during the trip. The rest of the time was either a show, or I was unconscious.

It was awesome, all of it. All I have to say is thanks. Thanks to After Edmund for taking me on, even though my experience were low and my insanity was high. You guys gave me a another angle on the music industry, which is always a plus. Thanks to my ‘rents for letting me out of the house for such a long time. I’m sure after I left there was a quick buildup of leftovers. Thanks to my friends as well, even though you guys didn’t do anything except say you missed me, which I sure you got over. I mean really, I was only gone for two and a half weeks… right?

So, I’ve stepped back into my old life, though with new perspective and focus.

The Turret, same as always. Sweater on the bed for the cat, messy desk, keyboards, ghetto sound system, papasan chair, and books. mmmm…

Things haven’t changed┬ámuch.┬áNeither have the people, except maybe my sister’s belly. It’s good to be back.

Now that the hype of coming home has calmed down I have time to look around and see what next? What do I do now? Where will music take me? Where will I take music? The questions are still there, but I have peace now, the same peace I had a while back about my future. Perhaps its because of the doors that are now opening since I got back, or the fact I’ve seen so many musicians in the last couple of months, or possibly the fact that God is love (not that that has to do with anything, except that it does).

Well, I’ve said enough, I think. I suppose this is the end of the blog. I never thought a blog could have an ending, but I guess when it has such a defined subject it must end when its subject does.

Not that my touring life is over; as a matter of fact, it may have just begun.


3 years ago
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